My name is Emily Weinberger, a mother and future art teacher. I grew up in Manitowoc, Wisconsin with my parents and younger sister. I have a passion to learn different mediums in the art field and incorporating my own experiences into my art work. I hope to one day be able to teach others the techniques I have learned over the years, bring a positive, safe and creative atmosphere to the classroom where the students have a wonderful learning experience and be able to pursue my personal art projects in my free time. 

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Art Education

2021    Bachelors in Art Education, Silver Lake College

2017    Associates in General Education, UW Manitowoc


About me


Pottery Wheel


Over the years I have tried to become more skillful on the pottery wheel. The wheel is definitely my passion and all time favorite thing to do in ceramics. It has been fun and educational to experiment and build clay in different ways. Creating my tiles of Amsterdam and my family flowers are just two ways that I have ventured into incorporate my travels and family into my art work.

Photography has been a brand new skill that I have tried to acquire and become more skillful at over the past year. I have found that I enjoy working with my family members and friends when it comes to taking pictures. Being able to dress them up and have them pose in different ways was a great way to experience taking pictures and working with live subjects. 

Observation Work

2018   Jefferson Elementary School, Kasey Kuznacic​​

  • Helping Students with projects

  • Cleaning up and Preparing for class

2016   Franklin Elementary School, Andrea Ortega

  •  Helping Students with projects

  • Cleaning up after class

2016   Stangel Elementary School, Andrea Ortega

  • Helping Students with projects

  • Cleaning up after class

2014   Lincoln High School, Gloria Pivonka 

  • Observing the teachers presentation

  • Discussing projects with students 

Service Experience

2006   Server and Bartender, Courthouse Pub

2004   Customer Service, Family Video


2018    Silver Lake College Mural, Erin LaBonte

  • Painting 

  • Handing out brushes and paint

2014    Domestic Violence Center  Wizard of OZ Event, Courthouse Pub

  • Serving Food

  • Cleaning Up

2013    Domestic Violence Center Kentucky Derby Event, Courthouse Pub

  • Serving Food

  • Cleaning Up 

2012    Domestic Violence Center Red Carpet Event, Courthouse Pub

  • Interviewing Guests

  • Serving Food

  • Cleaning Up

2010    Domestic Violence Center 60's Event, Courthouse Pub

  • Entertainment

  • Serving Food

  • Cleaning Up